Lodestar International is an innovator of oilfield technology. We are a small team that enjoys having fun, working hard, and being better than the rest. Currently our Drilling Solutions Department is looking to expand due to traction even in this down market. YES! You read that correctly we are expanding even in this down market. Now we are looking for the best personnel the industry has to offer. Those that like doing things in the oilfield the old way or are afraid of new technology need not apply.

Field Engineer

Main Role

We need an operational lead to visit rig sites to program and download data from drilling dynamics tools

Top priorities include but are not limited to:

Operating tools
MATLAB Data Analysis
Drilling Optimization Analysis
Assisting in field with technology roll outs and new clients
Writing Manuals
Writing Case studies and or white papers on drilling technology offered
Writing Procedures


Other tasks

Interfacing with clients
Creating sales presentations and other marketing materials
Investigating and vetting new technology


Skills Required

Must have worked as a field engineer
Working knowledge of drilling rig site
DWD- Dynamics while Drilling experience a huge plus
MATALB experience
DD or MWD experience a plus
Offshore Experience a plus

Key Position Requirements

Not be afraid of new technology
Must be self-motivated
Must be located in Midland Odessa area.
Able to communicate effectively with diverse group including customers, managers, contractors and well site personnel
Ability to work independently in an environment under pressure and where priorities change quickly
Ability to read, write, speak and understand basic English
Must be detail oriented and able to prioritize tasks
Basic to intermediate level computer skills
Must be able to answer the question: Why should we pick you?

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