Lodestar International

About Lodestar

Who We Are

Lodestar International is a global leader in Dynamics While Drilling (DWD) technology. We design, manufacture, and operate downhole drilling dynamics products that allow our customers to evaluate failures, monitor and optimize drilling strategies, and enhance project efficiencies.

At Lodestar, our mission is to deliver the best DWD technology and service to help our customers efficiently achieve their drilling goals.

What We Do

Our innovative and reliable technology can be placed at the bit, in the drill string, and at the surface to collect high frequency dynamics data that can be used in drilling analysis, modeling, and the identification of drilling dysfunctions throughout the wellbore.

More specifically, our technology allows our customers to:

  • Measure and analyze key downhole drilling parameters including bending moment, true weight-on-bit (WOB), torque-on-bit (TOB), RPM, stick-slip, shock, vibration and temperature
  • Capture the above parameters throughout the drill string, from the bit to the surface
  • Evaluate and optimize the performance of BHA configurations and tools including but not limited to bit, downhole motors, stick-slip mitigation tools, and friction reduction tools
  • Generate new models to predict drill string behavior and evaluate performance of existing torque and drag models
  • Define best drilling practices based on hole section and formation, extending tool life without compromising rate of penetration (ROP)

Given the broad applications of our services, Lodestar is well positioned to help our clients with any size project — from small niche projects to larger initiatives spanning across each of the above key areas of success. With best in class DWD technology and service personnel, Lodestar is in a unique position to help our customers maximize their drilling optimization goals.

Global Presence

With headquarters in Texas, USA and Scotland, UK, Lodestar has operated at various locations around the globe, demonstrating our agility and flexibility in serving oil and gas customers internationally.

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