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Sensor Package

Lodestar’s sensor package for DWD technology consists of 18 continuous recording channels measuring downhole torque, WOB, RPM, bending moment, stick slip, multi-axis vibration and temperature using high frequency record rates from 20 Hz to 100 Hz.


  • Measure and analyze key downhole drilling parameters
  • Determine actual power delivery at the bit
  • Evaluate and optimize BHA configurations
  • Evaluate and benchmark performance of downhole tools including but not limited to motors, friction reducers, stick-slip mitigators, reamers, etc.
  • Measure wellbore quality and tortuosity
  • Optimize drilling parameters to define best drilling practices
  • Generate, validate, and calibrate drill string behavior models

Rig Downhole graphic


Designed and manufactured in-house, the
I-SUB is an at-bit, memory-based tool which precisely records an array of parameters at a user configurable sampling rate that will best assist our customers in achieving their drilling optimization goals.


  • Placed behind the bit in order to provide true at-bit measurements
  • Ultra-compact length < 1.5 ft
  • Short bit-to-bend provides minimal disturbance to directional behavior
  • Sensor Package specified measurements
  • Battery Life - 15 days (360 hours)
  • Available sizes - 5", 6.75",8.50",and 9.6"


The short, versatile and collar-based I-STRING tool leverages the technology of our at-bit
I-SUB to measure Dynamics While Drilling Perimeters anywhere in the BHA or drill string.


  • Flexability of placement in the BHA or in the drillstring
  • Supported by saver subs to reduce wear and tear
  • Sensor Package specified measurements
  • Battery Life - 18 days (432 hours)
  • Available size - 6.75"