Lodestar International

BD/CT (Ball Drop/Coil Tubing) Hybrid System

The BD/CT Hybrid system has all the proven features of our conventional ball drop sliding sleeve approach with some added benefits.

During the first fracturing sequence, standard Ball Drop technology is employed on a single frac sleeve. After all of the BD/CT sleeves are opened and fractured then the ball seats are drilled out. At this time, the sleeves can be closed and re-opened using the activation tool on coil tubing. This allows for selective re-fracturing, acid work or simply isolate of certain sections of the string.


Packer and sleeve combination provides for a simple open hole completion.
Initial ball drop technique requires less intervention and complexity in the completion process
The hydraulically actuated Launch sleeve enables circulation without perforation gun
You can select the sleeve you want close and re-open during future well intervention work


For sizes: 2-7/8” to 5-1/2” completions
Capable for High Temperature, High Pressure, vertical, or horizontal applications
All components are designed to work in open hole with hanger and isolation packers
The BD/CT sleeve uses standard Ball Drop technology during the initial fracture
After the initial fracture, the seat is drilled out and the sleeve can then be closed and re-opened for additional fracturing or acidizing.
Launch Hydraulic Sleeve

Launch Hydraulic Sleeve

For sizes: 3-1/2” to 5-1/2” Completions
Hydraulically Activated for First Zone Fracture
Field Adjustable Opening Pressure
Capable of High Temperature and High Pressure applications
Full Bore ID and Small OD for Easy Installation
Designed for Both Horizontal and Vertical Applications

BD/CT Sleeve 

For sizes: 2-7/8” to 5-1/2” completions
Capable for High Temperature and High Pressure Applications
Designed for Open Hole and Cemented Applications
Internal Locking Mechanism to Ensure Sleeve Remains in Open
Field Adjustable Setting Pressure Designed for Multi-zone Application
Can Close and Re-opened with Shifting Tool on Coil Tubing
Ball Seat Circulation Sub

Ball Seat Circulation Sub