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As part of Lodestar’s service package, we offer data visualization and analysis in an easy to read format that allows our customers to quickly formulate drilling insights and decisions. Integrating our high frequency DWD data with other data sources such as mud logs, MWD, and the EDR enables us to pinpoint dysfunctions and identify possible solutions.

Use Case 1 Importance of Using Downhole Parameters
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Using surface parameters to make downhole decisions requires many assumptions, the primary one being that downhole parameters mirror Electronic Digital Recorder (EDR) data at surface. Even in shallow hole sections, the dynamics of the BHA can differ greatly from what is being measured at surface.

Use Case 2 Easy to Implement Optimization Plots Using Surface Parameter Step Tests
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Lodestar provides easy-to-read, digestible visualizations that enable our customers to quickly and confidently execute operational decisions to optimize drilling. For example, pairing Surface Parameter Step Tests designed by Lodestar with our DWD tools allows us to create a drilling program that maximizes ROP and reduces unwanted downhole dynamics.

Use Case 3 Downhole Motor Characterization using Dyno Test Plan
Downhole Dyno
Downhole Dyno Color

The ability of our DWD tools to measure true motor RPM and torque, coupled with our Downhole Dyno Test Plan, allows Lodestar to determine motor performance and degradation over time, enabling our customers to pan bit and motor trips more efficiently.

Use Case 4 Independent Tool Evaluation
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At Lodestar, Dynamics While Drilling is our only business. Our independence allows us to leverage our tools and knowledge to evaluate downhole intervention techniques and tools, including but not limited to friction reduction, stick slip mitigation, and reaming. Lodestar’s goal is to provide data to customers that can help them succeed, not to cross-sell into other lines of business.